Travel Tuesdays: My Travel Uniform

I travel a lot — for book tours, for The Daily Buzz (where I do frequent travel pieces) and just for fun, to see family and friends. Over the years, I’ve pared my traveling outfit down to a science. Here’s what to wear:

My travel uniform


  1. A warm (but lightweight and easily packable) cardigan in a neutral color: I go for cashmere camel.
  2. A long black top and black jeggings or heavy leggings: The key here is to be comfy (without having to tug and pull pieces up or down), but also to be able to re-wear each item of airplane clothing during your trip. These are both staple wardrobe pieces.
  3. Aviator sunglasses: Always cool. Perfect for hiding tired eyes and even for catching some sleep on a long flight.
  4. A big scarf: Go for something that coordinates with your sweater and can be re-worn during your trip. Bonus points if it’s big enough to double as an in-flight blanket.
  5. Uggs: There is no piece of footwear that is as comfortable on a chilly plane. Hands-down. And they’re great to walk around in at your destination, unless the weather is very warm, in which case, you can ditch them for an easy-to-pack pair of flat sandals.
  6. A structured bag: Your outfit will be comfy and casual, but an upscale bag (don’t forget your iPad and other in-flight entertainment) ties it all together.

Happy travels!