The Sweetness of Forgetting

The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel
A lush, heartwarming novel about a woman who travels to Paris to uncover a family secret for her dying grandmother—and discovers more than she ever imagined…

“An immersive and evocative tale of generations struggling to survive.” — Publishers Weekly.

“Kristin Harmel writes with such insight and heart that her characters will stay with you long after you’ve finished her books.” — New York Times Bestselling Author Emily Giffin.

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After by Kristin Harmel
What if you didn’t get a chance to say good-bye?

“[After's] lessons about family, friendship, loss, and the enduring power of love should stick with readers.” — Publishers Weekly.

“The various reactions to grief depicted are real and can serve as a guide for other teen survivors and the adults in their lives … [a] heartfelt story.” — Kirkus Reviews.

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Italian for Beginners

Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel
A Roman Holiday-meets-Bridget Jones’s Diary tale of a woman who travels to Rome in search of love — and winds up finding herself instead.

“This vivid, sparkling story is sure to turn your next staycation into a fast-paced and fun Roman holiday.” — Alison Pace, author of City Dog.

“Reading Kristin Harmel is like going on vacation with your best friend – an escape to good times, big laughs, exciting discoveries, and fun, fun, fun!” — Lynda Curnyn, author of Killer Summer.

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The Art of French Kissing

Art of French Kissing by Kristin Harmel
How do you say, ‘So many men, so little time,’ in French?

“Kristin Harmel is a charming, gifted and hilarious storyteller. Paris never sparkled so bright as it does in the pages of THE ART OF FRENCH KISSING.” — Laura Caldwell, author of The Good Liar.

“The Art of French Kissing is like a bottle of champagne: overflowing with bubbly fun, filled with delicious romance and madcap adventures, and, toujours, intoxicating with the magic of Paris. You’ll drink it down in one glamorous gulp.” — Julia Holden, author of One Dance in Paris.

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When You Wish

When You Wish by Kristin Harmel
What would you do if everyone in the world knew you – but you realized you’d never really known yourself?

“Harmel draws Star as a normal girl with an unusual life, allowing her readers to see themselves in her character … Fun for girls who wish they were stars.” — Kirkus Reviews.

“[T]his entertaining book comes down to earth when Star feels compelled to learn what it’s like to be ‘normal.’” — Parade Magazine.

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The Blonde Theory

The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel
Do gentlemen really prefer blondes?

“With a smart heroine willing to date as a bona fide ditz, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments … The true joy comes when Harper drops the silly blonde act and gives the shallow men she meets a piece of her mind.” — Romantic Times.

“Rush out and pick this one up. You’ll be glad you did. So entertaining, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one ends up on the big screen.” —

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How to Sleep with a Movie Star

How to Sleep with a Movie Star by Kristin Harmel
A contemporary tale of Cinderella-meets-Notting Hill in this tale of a regular woman who wakes up in bed with the hottest actor in the world.

“Hilarious, star-studded and deliciously entertaining!” — Sarah Mlynowski, bestselling author of Milkrun and Monkey Business.

“Kristin Harmel’s fabulous book … captivated us.” — Complete Woman Magazine.

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